Friday, March 9, 2012

The Sydney Anglican Network posts an article likening a gay priest to a pedophile because of his sexual orientation

I'm a faceless ignorant Gippsland clergyman who believes that homosexuals are pedophiles. I am so ignorant ...because I hang around other ignorant people, who spread their ignorance world wide.

The Sydney Anglican Network Portal posted George Conger's article as 'breaking news'. The article explains how Sydney Anglicans are stirring up trouble in Victoria. This is because the appointment of gay priest to a parish closer to his home, threatens to destabilise the Anglican Church League's dictatorship, and Stand Firm's authority over all communication. A faceless Gippsland clergyman who has asked not to be named, told CEN that the bishop’s actions were not unlike shifting abuser clergy between posts with the new diocese taking no responsibility or notice of inconvenient truths arising from the old diocese.


  1. At least I'm not "faceless". As a fearless house-elf, I'm prepared to reveal my hatred and not hide behind anonymity. The Anglican Church (of which I am not a member) is well aware of my bigotry and self-importance.

  2. David, you wear your homophobia with pride. The Anglican Church is lucky to have such a diligent soldier as you; one who is so willing to perform GLBTI cleansing. God must be proud of you.

  3. Anglican Priest in SydneyMarch 9, 2012 at 5:41 PM

    The ACL can't talk. The current leadership gained power by relying on a bloc controlled by sexual predator, whom they protected in return for his votes. It was two years after Jensen had been made archbishop and consolidated his position by replacing all the ACL office bearers with his supporters before he defrocked the paedophile, who was no longer needed and, with the woman he had assaulted starting to speak publicly, was becoming a liability.

  4. As a Sydney Baptist, my favourite disciple is Judas.