Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Australia's Ex- PM, John Howard wouldn't say sorry to indigenous Australians and Haydn Sennitt tells Christians not to say sorry to GLBT people

Haydn says that Christians shouldn't apologise to GLBT people because a Christian apology assumes that all gay people have been hurt by Christians, or that Christians are the (only) reason why GLBT people hate the church. He goes onto say that for the Christians to say sorry assumes that gay and lesbian people have the moral right to demand apologies and that the church must heed. Haydn claims this is faulty because he says that while many gay people have been spurned by Christ’s shepherds, not all have. Haydn also implies that mistreatment of GLBT people by Christians is OK if that person has allowed him/herself to be lead astray by his/her own desires like the Prodigal Son.

Sounds like the Sydney Anglican prodical 'conditional love' spin... on a story about a father's 'unconditional love' for his Son!

Haydn uses the analogy of a murderer to explain that GLBT people are to blame for their mistreatment by these Church shepherds. Haydn says even spiritual leaders get things wrong it does not mean that victims then naturally have a blank cheque to then make whatever decisions they like. Just like John Howard's attitude to indigenous Australians, Haydn questions of the idea of a Christian apologising for something another Christian was responsible for without knowing the details.

Now Haydn why don't you ask the faceless men incharge of your diocese about the use of sexuality to denigrate and control advocates of women's ordination ...or the adolescent Sydney Anglicans who were sent off for aversion and shock therapy...or the gay Sydney Anglican men who were told they could be cured by castration...or those individuals whose jobs were threatened and lost when members of the clergy declared them gay...or those called less than female for believing in equality...or those prayed over by arrogant young clergy males as a form of exorcism and salvation...or those who suicided after preachers stirred up trouble in rural areas... and that's just for starters

Haydn sure sounds like someone's bitch!


  1. I am pleased to announce the resignation of a Gippsland minister after my hateful teaching against wicked gays like Haydn Sennitt. I am now calling for the castration of Rev David Head and his husband.

  2. So are you going to advise the fellow who resigned because he hates gays, on how to get hold of the church property...or will you leave that to Matt Kennedy?

  3. I am hoping for commission on the sale of the property since the homophobic minister is following my enlightened teaching.