Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sydney Anglican, David Ould, threatens to make trouble for the Bishop of Gippsland because he didn't answer his question!

David Ould is punishing the Bishop of Gippsland for failing to answer his question. Media sanctions will be put in place to prevent the bishop speaking about the appointment of a gay priest, to a new parish. Censorship... is a common punishment strategy used by Sydney Anglicans, when dealing with those who oppose their ideas and decisions . It appears from David Ould's commentry that Stand Firm has a monopoly on all Christian media, and will use this monopoly to ensure that the Bishop of Gippsland is never heard again! Sydney Diocese lost it's money gambling but was able to scrape together enough coinage to organise a corporate takeover of the world wide Christian media. Because David Ould hates to be disobeyed, he has thrown down the gauntlet to the Bishop of Gippsland by saying ...But by choosing not to respond, and dismissing the website Stand Firm he may very well end up making the same mistake that TEC have made over the past 10 years – losing control over the media on this issue. It’s one thing to have an overtly sympathetic radio interviewer, it’s another to be asked the hard questions that actually penetrate the real issues – in this case that Bishop McIntyre has utterly undermined his own diocesan safe practice regimen. Those in his own diocese, and those wider afield in the Anglican Church of Australia who are also impacted by this decision, may not be so pleased to have the matter brushed away like this.
Over the years at Stand Firm we’ve learned that the very best thing we can do is simply tell people what happened and what those who did it are saying (or not saying) about it. Gone are the days when a bishop could sit at his desk and wish bad decisions away.

I don't know if it's the alcohol...but David Ould is sounding more and more like Phillip Jensen!

I'm glad David disrespects bishops who don't agree with him... because I feel the same about bigoted clergy who ruin peoples with prejudical websites ... and so I dedicate this song to the Stand Firm website.


  1. I haven't given you permission to reveal my utter humiliation by the Bishop of Gippsland. You must remove this post forthwith or I will report you to the Neutral Bay Police, the Italian Mafia and the Jensen Family. Failure to remove my name will result in litigation leading to your execution.

  2. Who does David Ould think he is? The man is suffering from delusions of grandeur. It is time he was sectioned.