Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stand4Marriage uses homosexuality and pedophilla as interchangeable terms to promote negative images of GLBTI people.

Warwick Marsh, and Sydney Anglican David Ould, both like to bandy around homosexuality and pedophilla as interchangable terms. David Ould uses the 'Faithfulness in Service Code' drafted as a Child Protection document to imply homosexuals are child molesters, and Warwick Marsh uses photos to imply same-sex attracted are pedophiles.
Failed NSW Christian Democratic Party candidate Peter Madden is part of this offensive manipulation, which denigrates gays by promoting a skewed and inaccurate message.
Following the Queensland election, the billboard truck used to create the distortions that are comparable with Anglican Mainstream's 'gay leper' campaign, will return to Sydney on April Fool's Day, for a Stand4Marriage rally in Hyde Park.

Say 99...doesn't this campaign have a nice Ugandan feel to it. Listen I was raised by 2 men after my mother left...does that mean they were both pedophiles, eventhough I wasn't molested?


  1. There is no one more "Faithful in Service" than my good self. Although employed to work as a deacon by the Jensens, I am never in my parish, but spend all day at my computer. I need to 'google' my own name and that of wicked homos in order to have them sacked. As a faithful minister, I haven't time to work in my parish as I denounce everyone else.

  2. Warwick Marsh got sacked as Australian men's health ambassador for promoting that homosexuals are all prone to pedophilia and that homosexual marraige is an attempt to deprive women of thier dream to get married and wear a wedding dress.

    He recently tried to enlist RSL support by claiming hatred of gays are the reason retired veterans fought at Kokoda, and we should support the veterans by hating gays. The veterans according to Marsh were fighting to keep australia free from gays. No wonder the RSL is furious with him.

    Yesterday he launched an attack against feminists saying they want to deprive all fathers on time with their children and, wait for it, that feminists also want to promote gay marraige as a way to exclude fathers. This is an attempt to get fathers to help him hate gays.

    Marsh is enlisting women, Christians, men's rights men, war veterans, and anyone else he can muster for one overriding purpose: he wants them all to side with his hatred of gays in the hope the support will somehow restore his dignity after being sacked.