Saturday, March 17, 2012

She's back... and sliding into the limelight... Yes Lisa Nolland and the slippery slope of same-sex marriage

Lisa Nolland, Anglican Mainstream's resident pet and sexpert, is featured on the website. When Lisa is not scouring the internet porn sites for evidence of zooplilia, and denigrating GLBTI people at 'Gay Leper' conferences, she is looking for ways to imply same-sex marriage will lead to polyamory.

Lisa we know a cure for polyamory ... get women to marry Sydney Anglican Church League males... a marriage like that will cure them of relationships completely!

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  1. Women like Lisa know that REAL MEN dress like me and have only one subservient woman. Like Mrs Nolland, I'm obsessed with homsexualists and believe that my sex life is a matter of great public interest.