Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Liberty Christian Ministries Inc posts bigotry as a critique to Hon Michael Kirby's argument for gay marriage

Liberty Christian Ministries Inc posted an article critical of the Hon Justice Kirby. It was written by Margaret O'Hagan from WA, who cites Christopher Keane and Tony Payne, and NARTH as her references. This piece of bigotry is obviously endorced by Sydney Anglicans as it has been selected for posting on their liberty Christian Ministry site.
Margaret I think you need to borrow my spectacles before you make a spectacle of yourself...at least I think you've got an answer to your question... if you care to self-reference.
Q. " does that mean that anyone who disagrees with gay marriage rights is therefore an uncivilised barbarian?"

Some of Margaret's appalling quotes...

1. Many, in fact, are appalled at it (homosexuality).

2. Given the flaky nature of gay relationships- which has been thorouhgly documented and proven over the last 20-30 years- how is it that these men have been together for so long? That kind of thing is nothing short of a miracle; those men should be museum exhibits!

3. The founder of Liberty Chrisitian Ministries, Christopher Keane, in his testimony ‘Choices’, has said that in the many years that he lived the gay lifestyle, truly monogamous gay relationships are all but impossible, and that those relationships which he encountered that had a semblance of monogamy were very often a facade. Many in those relationships were sleeping around behind their partners’ backs; or there was an arrangement where both partners agreed to stay together while ‘permitting’ the other partner to have sex on the side.

4. Gay men and women who are blessed with long lives are exceptionally rare. Few people live in gay relationships beyond the age of 40 because they either die of illnesses, or because of suicide and other causes (see the Appendices in the book ‘What Some of You Were’ by Dr. Trevor and Tony Payne or go to NARTH).

5. ONE would have expected that Michael Kirby (“A union to make believers of all”, 31/8) would have the sense to know that opposition to gay marriage is not about discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, which is abhorrent in any civilised society.

Ennis ... they say people like us undermine families...what kind children are raised in families where parents spew such hatred as Margaret does?

And what kind of people are Sydney Anglicans in posting something like this?


  1. That really is a very badly written article - spelling mistakes, neologisms and all. But I don't think it was written by Madge of WA. I think she was the person whose letter to the editor is quoted at the end. The byline is 'ADMIN'. I suspect Haydn wrote it – it’s at about his intellectual and moral level.

  2. It is time to bring Michael Kirby before a Court for perjury and lies. Everyone knows that Haydn has led a life-threatening life-style. After sleeping with hundreds of men, he only found a cure by marrying an Oriental woman. As a Moore College Theologian, I recommend every Sydney minister weds a nice girl from the Orient. I did it myself.