Friday, March 16, 2012

Victorian Bishop mocks the Anglican bigots

Sydney Anglican Church League president, Mark Thompson, is obsessed with a Victorian bishop who bypassed the rule book... eventhough there is no rule! Mark is still whinging about the bishop who failed to discriminate against a gay priest. Mark says the Sydney Anglican Church League's voices of protest have been raised but no one is listening, let alone obeying... and that's because the bishop had no grounds to discriminate when he wasn't ordaining the priest. Mark calls the bishop's behaviour ...deliberate, provocative and scandalous because Sydney Anglicans who join the Anglican Church League expect to be obeyed!
Mark says the bishop is mocking the Anglican Church League, and those silly enough to seek their advice. It is for these reasons the bishop must be called into account... because nobody laughs at the Sydney Anglican Church League and someone has got to take the blame for very poor decision making on the part of conservative bigots.

Mark... if only you and the other ACL boys had been as diligent about gambling as you are about homosexuality... then you may have been in a position to judge another!


  1. Speaking of gambling, I have just placed a bet on the Bishop of London (or myself) becoming the next Archbishop of Canterbury. He has resigned following my demands that he quit immediately.

  2. As one of the world's most gay-friendly cities, Sydney and its citizens have failed to hear how much the Church hates them. The tolerance and freedom shown by Sydneysiders must be replaced by 16th Century morality, bigotry, hatred and repression. Unless people in Sydney become as po-faced and miserable as the "Anglican" Church League, the citizens will be condemned to a life of happiness and freedom. It is time to call everyone to Jensenite misery!