Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Sydney Anglican googled 'Christians are' and got...

Christians are delusional
Christians are hypocrites
Christians are crazy
Christians are ignorant
Christians are annoying
Christians are like manure
Christians are brainwashed
Christians aren’t perfect
Christians are arrogant
Christians are wrong

Gee Ennis... imagine if he googled Sydney Anglican...he'd probably get fundamentalist, sexist, homophobe, gambler, elitist, cult, divisive, broke, bigot, hate mongers, nepotists ...and that's for starters!

Jake it's the linking of the term 'Christian' with 'fundamentalists' like Sydney Anglicans that has caused the original search to show what it did. It's like when Christians link homosexuality with bestiality, pedophilla, polygamy, sex offender, child molester, dysfunctional, evil, faggots, destroyers of families and civilization... just to name a few.

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