Friday, March 9, 2012

Phillip Jensen uses some emotive language as a way of arousing anti-abortion and anti- atheist sentiment the same principles apply to homophobic fundamentalism ?
If a biological basis is found, and if a prenatal test is then developed, and if a successful treatment to reverse the sexual orientation to heterosexual is ever developed, we would support its use as we should unapologetically support the use of any appropriate means to avoid sexual temptation and the inevitable effects of sin.

Don't worry Albert...if you can't cure my homosexuality 'In Utero' then you can send me off to Exodus when I'm an adolescent.

In the words of Phillip Jensen but with a change of focus...let's see if the persecution of GLBTI people can evoke the same emotive response as abortion.

For some years I have pointed to the awful outcome of religious fundamentalists in their treatment of GLBTI persons, who like aborted foetuses didn't choose their fate. Fundamentalists cannot accept the basic proposition that GLBTI people are human and created in God’s image, and so find no special place for GLBTI people within the church.
A key point in the fundamentalist's argument is the promotion of the heterosexual orientation ...the argument that submissive females and dominant males are the only ones truly created in God's image. This philosophy sees these stereotypes as being "sexually whole", as described in the Bible. This enables fundamentalists to speak out about the murder of foetuses but remain silent about the persecution, bashing and murder of GLBTI people; and promote homophobia among chuch goers, encouraging the exclusion and sacking of GLBTI people from their church family, after being enticed to believe that God is all loving. This is done in the name of biblical authenticity, which comes down to outcomes. If a fundamentalist's way of life is improved or preserved by eradicating GLBTI people, then there is no inherent reason against it.
Whenever I mention fundamentalist's view, I am assured that it is an extremist view, which in no way represents Christianity itself. In some ways that is a fair response, because not all Christians believe the same things, and Christianity itself cannot be blamed for every weird view that an individual Christian holds. Christians know how irritating it is to have media opponents interview some extremist redneck Christian, as if they represent all Christians. Those aligned with Stand Firm, The Anglican Church League and Anglican Mainstream are leading the way in implementing fundamentalism throughout the Anglican Communion. They pride themselves on dominating the Christian conversation with prolific websites, which are used to ridicule opponents of discrimination. Their views are reflective of reasoned fundamentalism. They cannot reconcile within themselves, that homosexuals are made in God’s image. Therefore, their beliefs based on all people being created in God’s image, can no longer stand unless GLBTI people are eradicated from the church.
Fundamentalists believe that those who accept SSA as God given, do so on the false premise that homosexuals are humans. To fundamentalists, language such as 'GLBTI people are human', 'my brother is gay', 'my friend is a lesbian' and 'my son is same-sex attracted' are emotive terms and inaccurate language; inaccurate terms because they do not rightly reflect the nature of a dysfunctional and abhorrant GLBTI person.
Fundamentalists are quite sanguine about the status of the homosexual as a living human; they just don’t think being a living human is sufficient reason to care about the welfare of GLBTI people. And just as any social, economic or psychological inconvenience to the church or society... SSA is sufficient reason to be excluded, persecuted or killed.
As Phillip Jensen says...The logic is simple, but logic alone does not give any answers other than its premises. The argument is not about logic but about the basic premise of ethics... God did not create homosexuals in his image so what is the basis for their right to life?
Teaching children religious fundamentalist principles is not harmless. It may be the choice people want to make in a ‘free’ society but it is not harmless.

I say Bertie...those Southern Baptists are having a good run on the Sydney Anglican Church League website.

My good fellow... Sydney Anglicans ARE are Baptists! Phillip Jensen has morphed the Sydney Diocese into a Southern Baptist state, expelling all the Anglicans, in readiness to take over the world.


  1. It would be awful if twins were conceived and one had to be aborted for being pre-gay.

  2. Don't worry David, a fundamentalist like you could pray the foetus straight.

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