Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Hon Michael Kirby has encouraged other high profile gay Australians to come out and end the pretending

In an address to the Law Society of Victoria, Kirby called on sport, business and political leaders to come out and stand up for same-sex marriage.
Kirby said... If only all the members of the sexual minority stood up, the whole shabby enterprise of pretending would be over...One can hardly blame heterosexual people for discriminatory attitudes when these are evident in the conduct of high public office holders, professionals and business professionals, sportspeople and business leaders go along with the policy of secrecy...Bound up in openness, and comfort within one’s skin, is acceptance and normalcy...But it will not happen until the pretending is no more. And honesty, scientific proof and rationality rule the world.

Wouldn't it be nice if same-sex attracted people had the vocal support of heterosexuals in their quest for equality?

I agree and what about the 53% of the Christian population who support same-sex marriage...why don't they stand up and be counted?

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