Saturday, March 31, 2012

David Ould clarifies that 'Jensenism' is just plain and simple evangelicalism...and we all thought it was just plain and simple sexism and homophobia

Mark Thompson has rehashed his attack on Muriel Porter and her book Sydney Anglicans and the Threat to World Anglicanism at The Briefing website. Mark has insinuated that Muriel has updated her criticism... obviously a strategy that Mark has employed to elicit sympathy and detract from the small mindedness of Peter Jensen, when refusing to attend the ordination of an Australian Anglican woman bishop. Dorothy at the Loonpond is eloquent in highlighting the pettiness and spite of Sydney Anglicans. Mark Thompsons rehashes what was originally published on his website and The Anglican Church League website in July,2011.

With strategies like that...Mark is well on the way to being a contender for Archbishop ... and as David Ould says... "Jensenism will be the new world evangelicalism"... yep that's where good Christian men like Hamish say things like..." I understand her full name is Dr Muriel Porter. Goes to show anyone can get a PhD."

Yes Tom and what's really great about Jensenism is Jensenist women let men say that about other women ...oh and gays of course! ...Ah Jane if only you had a penis you would be a contender for Archbishop... I mean removing your connection with Liberty Christian Ministries Inc because it's not a good look for you...You and your blokey mates at Moore College know that it's much better to use an ex-gay to put down gays...keeps the mud off you.

Sydney Anglicans have more twists and turns than a rattlesnake. I hear over at Anglican Mainstream that the TEC are behaving like the old Soviet government and becoming increasingly totalitarian in culture and dissidents and malcontents are accused of having a"mental illness," and then shut away in the gulags under the guise of psychiatric treatment for mental health because they must be crazy to oppose the culture... Sounds to me like the TEC have been taking some lessons from Sydney Anglicans who cut their teeth on labelling women as 'emotionally disturbed', 'heretics' and 'lesbians' for protesting against the appalling treatment of Sydney Anglican women in the 70s, 80s and early 90s. I think it wise that Peter Jensen refrains from attending the ordination of an Australian Anglican's probably good manners on his part!

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