Monday, May 7, 2012

Queen Elizabeth 11 is the inspiration for Complementarianism at Moore College

Jane Tooher is responsible for making the teaching of Biblical Manhood and Biblical Womanhood better at Moore College. She is one of 2 women on the staff of 24. The other is Tara Thorley who is in charge of producing the 'Equal but Different' journal. Both women are committed to training women in the art of Biblical submission. Jane gained her inspiration from Queen Elizabeth when she said... It's all to do with training: you can do a lot if your properly trained. Just like Jane, Queen Elizabeth only reigns over the female half of the population!
No Darlene... there is nothing stupid about that statement! Jane probably means if  the Queen can lead a country then women can lead parishes if they are trained.
... .Yeah right Roseanne...and what ordained Sydney Anglican male who knows the power of Biblical Authority is going to want to share that with a woman? He's sure not going to want to submit to a woman in God's name when she says to him when he won't agree with her..."You sound like someone who has some faith in the Lord Jesus, and I urge you to (submit) and put things right."...Heard that one before ...but it works much better when you have a Bible in your hand and the person is kneeling before you...I've heard it's a real 3 in the morning 'hard on' when it comes to Biblical Authority!

For God's sake Darlene...lighten up! Didn't you hear the one about the woman who worked for fundamentalists? She stood before the synod and said she was never meant to be the head of a parish church because she was a woman...and she got a standing ovation from all the male fundamentalists. Now I don't know if it's stupid but it sure is funny! Oh, oh,oh...and what about this one...One woman who was working for the same group of fundamentalists said about women's ordination...You can't be half cannot organise a diocese on two principles of leadership...And what would a Complementarian woman know about the leadership of a diocese?...I say to that woman "know thy place'... because some of us can cope with twins!

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  1. Your picture of a man grovelling at the feet of a woman distorts God's plan for females. Ever since Queen Elizabeth became Head of the Church of England, it has been infiltrated by homos. As an Anglo-Austrian, I had to move to Sydney to find that women occupy their rightful place according to God's regulations - grovelling at men like me.