Friday, May 25, 2012

If the writers of The Australian Church Record can't get Phillip Jensen elected as the new Archbishop and the Principal of Moore College...then they might consider politicking for ...

The authors of the Sydney Anglican Church Record indicate in their article Two Holes in our Theological leadership that the true significance of the position of Archbishop... is the power of appointments. As the one who licenses the clergy, he has the power to influence the kind of ministry exercised in the local churches, and so to either maintain, or fundamentally change, their character and so, in time (and not a very long one), the character of the diocese. One of the most significant factors, of course, is where the Archbishop chooses to get his clergy from. The College shapes and trains the next generation of ministers for the churches. It is therefore quite obvious that the College plays a significant role in creating, maintaining, — or fundamentally changing– the character of the local congregations, and so, in time (and not a very long one), the character of the diocese.

I have all the qualities needed to maintain Jensenism.


  1. I am glad to see the retirement of John Woodhouse but probably only worse can follow.
    I first met John in 1968 when I was on the beach mission team at Scotts Head. We were both in the working with teenage section. We met regularly to plan during that year and then drove north in my car before Christmas as part of the advance party. The local community had a non denominational service on Christmas day and ironically I was chosen to preach (possible due to being slightly older). I considered we had a close friendship. A few years later John asked me as his guest to the opening of New College where he was in residence.
    In 2006 I wrote to him as a result of his homophobic interviews on TV. While he replied politely, he claimed he had no memory of meeting me. As someone stated at the time, he probably did not want to admit to any friendship in case the gay cooties caught him. I found this personal slight more hurtful than any of his anti gay comments.
    I also knew Phillip Jensen at university although we were not close friends. He is too old to replace his brother I do not know what age restrictions are on the position of Principal. However all the candidates are going to be disciples of jensenism so it hardly matters.

  2. Brian...age restrictions? Don't the Jensens create their own rules regarding age? I mean... didn't their mates reduce the age for archbishop to get rid Harry Goodhew and then extend the age limit to keep Peter Jensen in power longer so he could complete his 10 percent mission...the mission where the diocese has 10 percent of its assets left by the time he retires?

  3. Hey Brian...of course Mr Woodhouse would deny knowledge of acknowledge you might personalise his homophobia and that might be problematic for his conscience if he has one.