Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shock...Horror...Anglican Church League claims a breach of trust by the Bishop of Gippsland because he can no longer condone homophobia in the Anglican church

The Anglican Church League declares ...“The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Sydney has expressed ‘dismay’ at what it calls ‘a breach of fellowship and trust’ with the Bishop of Gippsland who has appointed a partnered gay man to a ministry position in his diocese... Now, Bishop John McIntyre has announced his intention to continue such appointments, saying to his Synod “I will appoint to office in our diocese those whom I believe God is calling to minister among us…….. I am willing to live with any consequences that may arise from remaining true to that commitment.” The Standing Committee resolution ‘notes its dismay’ at the Bishop’s comments from which, it says, “it is reasonable to infer his intention to appoint, amongst others, practising homosexuals to ministry roles in his Diocese and support same-sex marriages.”
Bishop John McIntyre, the Bishop of Gippsland, recently launched Keith Mascord's book in Sydney, as has called for the Church to think again on sexuality .

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