Friday, May 4, 2012

Anglican, and former High Court judge, the Hon Michael Kirby says ...being gay is not an anti-social choice made by an individual

FORMER High Court judge Michael Kirby told a federal parliamentary inquiry into same-sex marriage that sexual orientation is part of an individual's personality, and society must come to terms with it. He pointed out that eventhough he is one of the country's top minds his sexuality had meant he was always a second-class citizen. Kirby likened being gay to being left-handed. He added that once it was accepted that being gay was not "an anti-social choice" made by an individual it would become impossible to deny gay people the same rights as any other Australian citizen.
Now let us pray together for David Peterson and Haydn Sennitt... that their work at Liberty Christian Ministries Inc scientifically proves that being gay is a social choice made by sinners....that  way Sydney Anglicans can continue to deny gays the same rights as other Australian citizens.

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