Wednesday, May 2, 2012

No ‘Not gay! Post-gay, ex-gay and proud. Get over it!" bus campaign...sure has got stuck in Chris Sugden's craw!

Anglican Mainstream is still struggling with rejection...the rejection of having public buses covered with its slogan ‘Not gay! Post-gay, ex-gay and proud. Get over it!’...rejected. Yes Anglican Mainstream is 'spitting chips' and have published an article by  the CEO of CMF, Peter Saunders who did not display his photo on the article so you can view it here. Peter Saunders critiques a piece by Max Pemberton.... a doctor who writes for the Daily Telegraph. Max asked Saunders not to display his photograph but Peter can view it here).
Saunders says that Max's ‘There’s no such thing as a “gay cure”’, is a shoddy piece of polemic, replete with unsupported assertions and misleading statements, which does him no credit.
You see Max knows nothing about homosexuality being gay himself! Max sinned badly when he criticised Anglican Mainstream's bus campaign by saying... But amid all the furious debate about the adverts, one central fact was ignored. It’s not the prejudice I take issue with, but the quackery. The underlying suggestion was that it is possible to alter one’s sexual orientation. This moves the debate from the realms of theology and freedom of expression directly into the realm of psychology and scientific evidence. Here there is an extensive amount of empirical, objective research into the matter and it is refreshingly clear in this regard. Sexual orientation is an enduring, fundamental part of a person’s psychological make-up and is remarkably resistant to attempts to alter it. In fact, evidence suggests that attempts to change a person’s sexuality – or gay cure therapies” as they are sometimes known – are not just ineffective but dangerous.’

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  1. What a ridiculous post, Calamity! My brother and Haydn Sennitt were both seriously ill from gayness before they each married a woman. This proves statistically that, out of the millions of poofs in the world, as many as two have been cured.