Friday, May 11, 2012

God critiques the life of the working mother through Phillip Jensen

Phillip Jensen, Sydney Anglican's leading expert on women, says if you want to divide a church, cause a rift in a family, ruin a dinner party, and bring hatred upon yourself – raise the issue of working mothers. Well Phillip, being a Jensen, thrives on dividing a church and causing rifts. Phillip says... there is a form of paid employment that is hostile to family life not just for mothers but equally for fathers...and it is called Careerism. Of course, the worst form of careerism for a Sydney Anglican is having a women, seeking to be ordained to the priesthood...this threatens the Sydney Anglican male's specialised skills of having authority over women; the exclusiveness of jobs for the boys ; and the male dominated  portfolio of investment, planning and management of diocesan funds. To maintain male domination and female subservience, the diocese has committed itself to the teaching of complementarianism...and to absolutely crush any aspirations in young Sydney Anglican women. Phillip Jensen imparts guilt to women by preaching that women who gain personal fulfillment and satisfaction through professional advancement are heretics who perform idolatory practices. It seems that females with a careers, unlike males like Phillip with careers, are unable to have both God and a career in their life. Phillip adds a bit more additional guilt to career mothers by implying that they are neglectful parents. He says... To go to work to find ourselves is a declaration of just how lost we are!...Children always know careerist parents undervalue them. How precisely they know, I don’t know; but that they know, I have no doubt.

  Phillip husband recently left me, and my friend's husband had a car accident and died ...but we would never dream of pursuing a career because God would never forgive us for getting off welfare benefits and taking charge of our lives. Whenever I'm tempted to gain any level of self fulfilment or improve my family's economic outcomes...I always listen to Sydney Anglicans

Yes Sadie ...I thought that when my mother became a Christian, then God might liberate her ...but Sydney Anglicans have kept her trapped in the poverty cycle by telling her that seeking some personal fulfilment through a career is not Godly. My mother was sent to Australia as an 18 year old to marry my father. My father has left her for a younger woman. He never sees us anymore and mum has no family here except for her children. She is totally isolated an depressed and has no money to go back to her country to see her relatives.

.As I said before...disgusting misogyny that keeps disadvantaged women completely disadvantaged and all because some Sydney Anglicans fear that educated women may become ambitious and seek equality within their precious church.

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  1. I assume you are a married woman. I cannot understand how your husband allows you to write this blog. You have no understanding of a woman's brain which is wired to stay at home. Unless, of course, you are a lesbian with a revisionist agenda to destroy Calvinist Family Life. You are a silly woman who has no idea of a woman's role in this 16th Century.