Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nicky Locke proves that God is a female impersonator

Sydney Anglican, Nicky Locke, says she looks to God for motherhood modelling in a male dominated Bible. This is because Nicky's mother didn't like cooking and didn't show God's capabilities when doing the laundry. Unlike God, Nicky's mother was an academic who spoke German. Nicky admits that any references to the women driving kids around in scripture, is hard to find, and the first century rabbis like Sydney Anglicans,  would rather the words of God be burned than entrusted to a woman. Whoever teaches his daughter the Torah is like one who teaches her lasciviousness, quotes Nicky. 
Nicky has dared to commit heresy and turned the compassionless one gender chauvinist Sydney Anglican God into Mrs Doubtfire! Nicky claims that God uses the characteristic stereotypical gender roles of Sydney Anglicans to help people understand God’s nature...Single, childless or academic women who speak German are created in someone else's image ...but not God's! 

Calam you're full of crap...God's not one of those fellas who gets dressed up  as a woman!
Now you listen here Bill ...I write what I read and  them Sydney Anglicans are educated folk Bill. They spend years learning this stuff! Now if Nicky says God is a 'He' even when she's talking about his feminie side...then he's got to be a man...and he Must change his appearance to give domestic women and mothers some inspiration in fulfilling their roles in a non-complaining and diligent way. Now Bill I know this cross-dressing stuff is at odds with Sydney Anglican Biblical Manhood and Womanhood ...but I think it's OK as long as God doesn't develop a fetish for women's clothing!

I wonder if God designed GLBTI people to help break stereotypes?

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  1. The Calvinist god I worship modelled himself on Dame Edna Everage. Her late husband, Norm, suffered from prostate trouble - a complaint common among homosexuals. Like me, Dame Edna became an international superstar. She has recently retired. Like me.