Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ian Charmichael, Business Growth Director of Matthias Media explains how he took $140 into Sydney's Crown Casino...and how not a dollar was gambled...because all he wanted was to turn the $140 into $140,000 at the Matthias Media /Equip bookstore.

Hmmm money...
Ian Carmichael, the Business Growth Director of Matthias Media, writes a self righteous piece at 'The Briefing' ...about how he trotted off to the Sydney Casino with $140 of Matthias Media’s money in his pocket. Ian describes the nervous feeling he had in his stomach when he had left the compounds his bigoted environment, and wondered if the feelings were similar to the feelings experienced by non-Christians, gays, feminists and liberal Anglicans when they crossed the borders into the narrow-minded churches in the Sydney diocese. You see, Ian wasn't there to gamble a pawltry amount of money belonging to Matthias Media ...because history has shown that Sydney Anglicans only gamble large amounts of diocesan funds. No Ian was there to swap his $140 for $1 coins. Ian being a self righteous Sydney Anglican knows that $140 worth of gold coins can make much more at a Matthias Media function and book store, than wasting the coins on poker machines...what with 4,000 women all needing to be reminded by Matthias Media, that God made them subservient to the likes of Ian.

Ian knows when he's onto a good thing... using Matthias Media's  marketing seduction venue....with light streaming in through enormous glass walls that revealed wide views of the water and blue sky... a room used to tell women they should not aspire for equality... whilst outside the sacrosanct world of Matthias Media, Ian viewed the sinners... all stuck in a dark and dingy room with the bells and beeps and fake mechanical sounds... and as Ian walked out of the casino (with as much money in his pocket as he walked in with!) he thought of the Romans 1:24, 26, 28 and how the people in that casino were mired in the depressing consequences of their own sin...whilst ignoring the consequences of  his own sin!
Say Joel ...$4000 women who pay to attend and then spend conservatively speaking $50 each...well that's $200,000

A conservative figure Liza...and direct from the publishers middle man like a poker machine gobbling up profits!

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