Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Movement for the Ordination of Women celebrates the 20th anniversary of the first women priests in Australia

The 20th anniversary events, in Sydney, include a seminar to recall and commemorate the various, central and, often, unrecognized, roles of women in the history of the Australian Anglican Church and Bishop Kay Goldsworthy preaching at St Luke's Enmore. Click here for the full list of Australian events.
Doesn't Bishop Goldsworthy know May 13th is Mother's Day? She can't preach on Mother's Day...that's the Sydney Anglican's annual day of female submission! I wonder if they will hand out free Mark Baddeley's five part series on the future of complementarianism, as a Mother's Day gift...and sponsored by the Sydney Anglican diocese, just like The Essential Jesus?

I see Muriel Porter's coming to know the one who wrote Sydney Anglicans and the threat to world Anglicanism
Listen Darlene..."she’s hardly in a place to claim that Sydney ought not to be in the Australian Church. To be consistent, she should remove herself. At the moment she appears a little like a tennis player complaining that the local bowls club that she signed up for doesn’t play the game the way she likes it".


  1. Please take my picture off this post. As a Baptist minister, I have never believed women should be admitted into the Sacred Order of Word Deacon. As a female, you are not permitted by God to have a blog, let alone take my name in vain.

  2. Dobby,make sure to momentarily shutdown all the websites that carry your commentry and self promoting photo,so you can remove your image before you threaten to sue. Oh and don't forget to recall all hard copies.

  3. I wish to point out that the person calling himself "David Ould" is not me. He is an imposter. My own views are more bigoted than this charlatan. Please don't accept any more comments from David Ould.

    -David Ould