Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gillard Government's $25.9 million to help problem gamblers is nothing more than a drop in the ocean when trying to help Sydney Anglicans with their $160 million gambling loss!

The Sydney Anglican website featured an article about the Gillard government making available  $25.9 million over 4 years to help problem gamblers ...but will that be enough to save Sydney Anglicans?

Perhaps the Gillard Government could develop a problem gambling phone app to help Sydney Anglicans?  

Grant Millard the CEO of Anglicare, the welfare arm of Sydney Anglicans, has criticised  the Gillard government's budget because, like Sydney Anglicans, it  punishes the marginalised.

Well Ennis...at least we're in a country that no longer inflicts jail or the death penalty on its second class citizens!

Yeah Jake ...and what about the Grant Millard quote... "The most powerful thing the Church can do is encourage Christians and wider society to look beyond their own interests, as it points to a Saviour who came to seek and save the lost"... And Anglicare, the social welfare arm of Sydney Anglicans, would never employ GLBTI people or unmarried mothers! They'd rather the government provide for them with welfare benefits!

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