Friday, May 18, 2012

Sydney Anglicans ask...Women are you ready to remain silent and cover your head when you take the gospel to the world ?

Phillip Jensen's Ministry Training Strategy is seeking recruits to promote the Jensen gospel of Complementarianism aka sexism, sexual inequality, female submission, subservience and silence, male headship, male authority over women, female guilt at being childless, female guilt in being a career mother, workplace inequality, restricted career opportunities in the  church and reduced earning capacity.

Don't say things like that about Phillip's MTS...The world would be so much better if women thought like Emma...

"Should I decline to co-lead a Bible study if there are men in the group? Should I cover my head (and if so, would an old towel do)? Should I keep silent during the public question time in church at the end of the Bible talk? To whom am I to submit, since I don’t have a husband—to all men? In everything?If you’re anything like me, you’ve asked all these questions (and many more!) as you’ve read parts of the Bible like 1 Timothy 2, 1 Corinthians 11 and 14, and Ephesians 5.

But let me ask you: have you ever genuinely allowed room in your heart and your mind for the possibility that the answer to any of these questions is yes?

When I was a fiery young feminist (feminist by default, since feminism was the air I grew up breathing), I remember a friend saying to me, “If you’re not prepared to at least allow the possibility that God wants you to do these things, then your mind is closed and you’re not prepared to obey him in this area”. At the time, I may not have reacted particularly well to this challenge (although of course I can’t recall now), but my friend was absolutely right. If we genuinely want to know God’s will in these matters then we must allow ourselves to form conclusions we may not expect or want to form, if indeed that is where our investigation of God’s word eventually leads us."

Oh Emma... I just adore the way Phillip Jensen knows so much more about women than women do themselves...if my husband Norm wasn't in a nursing home then I'd be a housewife and mother to my adult children instead of a career woman.


  1. Hi Calamity,
    Are Sydney Anglican women really required to cover their heads whenever they pray and are they forbidden to speak in church? Do they actually enforce these rules?

  2. Well it sounds like if it was decreed as God's word by males who preach God's word, then it would be required. When I've been to St Andrew's Cathedral I haven't noticed women covering their heads (yet)! I might have to get the Matthias Media's 'God's Good Design...What the Bible Really Says About Men and Women' to see what all the rules are...but my interest is in Chapter 8 where Claire Smith discusses and condemns the misuse of the Bible to justify abuse. I've always wondered what happens if and when the complementarian woman fails to compliment her husband who has grown very accustomed to being obeyed.