Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sydney Anglican, Archie Poulos asks the question...‘should my wife and I sit together in church?’

Well I don't know's probably the only time you'd get to see her...what with the apartheid approach to men's and women's ministry in Sydney!...Oh making those prayer book bookmarks looks like real fun...I might come along when Dan's at one of those  men's ministry programs!
Oh look Roseanne...they're televising Sydney Anglicans...

I don't care what Paul tell him to come listen, and then go home and explain to my husband, Mark Baddeledy's 5 part series about how it's going to take men another 2,000 years to agree on Complementarianism!

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  1. It is best for a man not to sit next to a woman when she is menstruating. This can result in a male soul becoming dirty and defiled. Unclean women shouldn't attend Word Gatherings in case they give off a nasty smell.