Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Sydney Anglican Church League is looking for ...not one...but two homophobic male complementarians to fill key positions of Archbishop and Principal of Moore College

I've got an idea...Why not clone Phillip Jensen a few more times so he can run the whole diocese single handed.

Dean of St Andrew's Cathedral and bigot magnet for the rest of the world
Head of Sydney Anglican Christian Feminism aka as MAOW...Male Authority Over Women
Head of Diocesan Resource Development, Production and Distribution
Founder and Head of Determining Future Human Resource Suitability and Cloning Procedures

Key Liberal Anglican Ball Breaker and Decision Maker
Author of the Sydney Anglican Gospel according to Phillip Jensen
I don't know Roseanne...I still think Sydney Anglican women are pretty stupid calling male authority over them ...Christian feminism...I mean 4,000 women attending a Matthias Media Equip Ministry Conference at Darling Harbour where resources to support the conference are sold by Matthias Media...
Phillip Jensen's company!  There seems to be a lot of money to be made in keeping women under male authority .

Darlene stop being so sexist...all those Sydney Anglican preachers are male ...and they're all promoting Phillip Jensen's Matthias Media's "Two Ways to Live". Maybe Matthias Media is owned by the Sydney Anglican Diocese and not the Jensens...and them fellas who are coming out from England may not really be worried about the future of 'The Good Book Company'...what with the ordination of women bishops in England and all.

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