Monday, May 14, 2012

Sydney Anglican boxing priest raised twice as much money as anticipated...but has the box-a-thon caused him to lose his marbles?

Sydney Anglican, Fr Dave Smith recently boxed 120 rounds and broke the Guiness Book of Records record for continuous rounds of boxing. His aim was to earn $10,000 for his Dulwich Hill Youth Centre. As it happens, Fr Dave raised twice the amount, but there are now grave concerns for him since the marathon, as he was recently heard preaching that 'God Has No Favourites'. This is alarming because it is well documented that Sydney Anglicans  are God's Chosen Ones and hold the supreme version of Biblical authenticity. We all hope that Fr Dave regains his marbles soon and remembers his priviledged rights as a Sydney Anglican.
I hear Haydn Sennitt and David Peterson oversee addiction programs...well boys you might have to watch those Sydney Anglicans with the new gambling app.

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  1. The article has been removed from his website by order of the Jensens. I hope he recovers soon from his brain injury and comes to his senses. God has many favourites. Especially me.