Friday, May 4, 2012

Post-gay advocate condemns Anthony Venn-Brown for scraping the bottom of the barrell!

What... are they going on about him being a gay ambassador again?
'reOh gosh no Bill...them "post-gay" witch doctors don't mind Anthony being gay, or him speaking out about unethical psychological practices... they're just concerned about the company he keeps! Now I know I don't get a lot of time to tub...what with chasing all those injuns and all...but I didn't know that I was that much on the nose! Even the horses won't come near me!
Yes I said in the comments section..."Anthony Venn-Brown, the company you choose to keep here speaks volumes."...Grrr ...this blogspot is nearly as  depraved as Anglican Mainstream...Next Calamity will be ringing up Lisa Nolland for her spare copy of Bareback Mountain!

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