Friday, May 18, 2012

Bishop Sentamu speaks about justice and how from justice flows equality!

Bishop Sentamu doesn't quite 'cut it' with his equality, justice and same-sex marriage argument. Sentamu says...I will be the first to accept that homosexual people have suffered discrimination and sometimes worse through the decades and that the churches have, at times, been complicit in this. There is much penance to be done before we can look our homosexual brothers and sisters in the eye BUT..... redefining marriage to embrace same-sex relationships would mean diminishing the meaning of marriage for most people, with very little if anything gained for homosexual people.

Now John...could that idea be based on some form of prejudice? Are gays any lesser human than those who were/are denied equality because of colour? Aren't gay people born into a family just as every other person. Don't they deserve to be included and loved instead of alienated and made feel like 2nd class citizens? Isn't your discrimination setting an example for the wider community to view SSA people, and their loving relationships, as inferior to heterosexuals and heterosexual relationships?

John Sematu goes onto say...While I am a strong supporter of justice and equality of opportunity for all people ... Drawing parallels between the proposed same-sex marriage and inter-racial marriage ignores the fact that there is more than one paradigm of equality. It seems that to John Sematu...  racial equality rests on the doctrine that there is only one race – the human race – and any difference of treatment on ethnic grounds is therefore unjustifiable. But again there is another but, when it comes to equality... It appears that John Sematu believes in gender inequality, often known as Complementarianism, which enables Christians to justify discriminatory practices against women.
JohnSays...should there be equality between the sexes because a woman can do anything a man can do or because a good society needs the different perspectives of women and men equally?

John...I didn't realise there were heirarchy to equality.  I thought all people regardless of their race, gender and sexual orientation were equal. I wonder if these men were to be hanged for being black, as opposed to being hanged for sodomy, would the Anglican Church have protested as they did for the Iranian Christian pastor?

John Sematu is pressing for what he calls social pluralism opposed to equality ... a two-tier system where heterosexual marriage continues to be blessed and same-sex marriage continues to be relegated to a civil union.  John Sematu says it's about justice and not equality. He says... Equality follows justice. If it was a question of justice, what injustice would result from not turning civil partners into married couples? I suggest: no injustice.
And I suggest that last statement is a load of rubbish because... "If it were a question of justice, what injustice would result from not turning civil partners into married couples?"  John...the answer is the injustice of inequality!

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