Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Liberty Christian Ministries Inc is spending May praying for Haydn

And a big thanks to the Complementarian women of the Sydney Anglican diocese for this fine craftwork. And girls...don't forget to turn up at St Andrew's Cathedral on Mother's Day for a big dose of 'Submission'!Personally I'd rather hang out with those complementarian boys and collect some scalps for my belt...which is why I'm joining Haydn with his May prayers...cause I'm hoping Haydn can find me a husband...and Haydn don't worry about those enemies you mention cause I've  got your back... No you've got nothing to worry about there cause I'm all women under this cowhide! What did ya say Bill?
Calam..I just wanted to say a prayer for the Director of Liberty Christian Ministries Inc, David Peterson, that he is wise in his selection and guidance of Haydn Sennitt, when tampering with people's identities, encouraging naive Christian women to marry gay men and all the future problems that could emerge... oh Calam...let's not forget all those horses with identity disorders,that featured on the Anglican Mainstream website so the writers could use bestality to denigrate homosexuals.

Amen to that brother!


  1. I pray, Lord, that when Haydn sees a hunky man with gorgeous rippling muscles, he may not be tempted into sin, Lord. When he ogles a rippling torso and flat six-pack, may Haydn return to his submissive wife and pretend he's normal. Amen

  2. I pray that Haydn's wife will not read his testimony and realise that he decided to married her simply as a means of suppressing his sexuality and conforming to a homophobic ideology forced on him by a bunch of bigoted pricks.

    “All I knew was that sex belonged in marriage and since I'd lost control of myself I must need a wife. So in my despair I asked for a wife, not really knowing if I'd ever be given one. It was a weird thing to ask for because until then I'd never had a girlfriend and all my sexual experience was with men: if I did get a wife how would I be able to live with her and be intimate given my past?

    ...Around that time I got in touch with a Korean student friend of mine whom I'd met at church and asked him to introduce me to his sister. I pressured him for a while and just before my 26th birthday, he introduced me to her and we started getting to know one another from a distance.

    ... I never forgot that time because it assured me that she was the woman God had planned for me to have and in spite of our many linguistic and cultural barriers I could see her unquestioned love of God and a desire to serve her husband. It was as if God were telling me that she was the woman He'd planned for me and that we were meant to be together. She, incidentally, felt the same about me.“

  3. We do these exgay gits always seem to neglect the essentials in their testimonies. Something normal like I fell in love with her. I could hardly wait till we could have sex. There was only one person in the world I wanted to be with. They always talk about the wonderful friendship they had, their partners heart for God. Its more like an arranged marriage except it's not the earthly parents arranging it. It is the heavenly parent.

  4. Hi Calamity. I get the newsletter from LCM and read the prayer points. I noticed how many times the name Haydn appeared. Then I noticed who wrote it. Haydn (pastoral worker)

    Do you think he could have a Cluster B Personality Disorder.

    Personality disorders are great examples of how mental illness is usually a matter of degree, rather than an either/or situation. At what point, for example, do you go from saying someone is creative to saying they are eccentric to saying they are "crazy?" The line is really impossible to draw.

    Psychologists and psychiatrists have divided them into three broad categories, based more on overall similarities than on our understanding of their causes:

    Cluster A -- People who appear "odd or eccentric."

    Paranoid PD
    Schizoid PD
    Schizotypal PD

    Cluster B -- Highly egocentric people who may appear "dramatic, emotional, erratic."

    Antisocial PD (I personaly believe this one is in a category of its own!)
    Borderline PD
    Histrionic PD and Narcissistic PD

    Cluster C -- People who appear "anxious or fearful."

    Avoidant PD and Dependent PD
    Obsessive-Compulsive PD

    The following descriptions (in italics) of the personality disorders are from the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 4th ed., 1994) , published by the American Psychiatric Association.

  5. That is very informative, Anon. I am in Clusters A, B and C. (I always knew that I loved myself).

  6. There is such a focus on good v evil and the prayer appears to be a way of keeping Haydn safe from evil ie his unwanted SSA. I think the poor man is terrified of falling off the rails and I would too with the kind of guidance and backup he'd have.I wonder if these prayers are the basis of the 'therapy' or whatever you call it...I'd call it Sydney Anglican 'spiritual warfare' based upon self loathing,anxiety and fear. I pray that David Peterson is suitably equipped to support this young man who is hanging by a thread and being used to prove gays are really straight and can change so the diocese doesn't appear prejudical to SSA people.