Thursday, May 17, 2012

Haydn Sennitt says Liberty Christian Ministries Inc doesn't target all gay people...just gay people who believe they are evil and can't be Christians because Sydney Anglicans like Haydn Sennitt, say so.

Haydn Sennitt explains that Liberty Christian Ministries Inc exists not to target gay people and ‘make them straight’, but to help people who are same-sex attracted but do not want to live as a gay person. Haydn says ...They have a right to do so, and make well-informed choices... Well informed choices like... if they do want to come out of homosexuality and live a life of integrity and Christ-likness we can help such people to exercise those choices. Haydn likens homosexuality to a woman with an unplanned/unwanted pregnancy, who he says... may be goaded into believing that abortion is her only choice but, not wanting to murder a baby, may very well decide that she wants to explore other choices, such as adoption or even raising the child herself. Haydn publishes two articles explaining how there are not enough children being born for adoptive purposes and that's why gay adoption is not an option! Haydn also says...Liberty is here to help people be holy (1 Peter 1:16), not heterosexual per se.  Everyone knows of Sydney Anglicans US evangelical roots, so it's not unusual for a Sydney Anglican like Haydn to recommend a Texas based American group like ‘Homosexuals Anonymous’ to help those who no longer wish live as gay men and be excluded from their church and the kingdom of heaven. Their 14 step program will have you believing that Jesus not only saves your soul but will change your sexual brokenness to sexual wholeness.
And if the 14 step "Jesus" program doesn't make you sexually whole... then Craig from the Bible Forum in Sydney will explain how the higher incidence of mental health issues and suicide are not as research suggests and related to the prejudice gay people suffer, leaving them vulnerable and isolated from church and family... but actually inherently related to being homosexual. Craig explains..."some gay health issues, for example STD infections and rectal tears, are caused directly by the perverted use of body parts and sex toys."

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