Sunday, April 1, 2012

The public media boasts Father Dave's triumph of boxing 120 rounds, breaking the record and earning $10,000 for his Dulwich Hill Youth Centre...

and there is no mention of his success on the Sydney Anglican Network Portal!

Deary me those Sydney Anglicans are tight-arsed mean-spirited bores. They write up some US evangelical who enjoys cage fighting but can't even mention one of their own. I suppose 10,000 hard earned dollars spent on street kids doesn't really cut it with Sydney evangelicals...not when easy money can be gained by gambling on the stock market and the winnings can be used to spread sexism and homophobia throughout the world! I hear Fr Dave has a penis ...perhaps he could be a contender for Archbishop of Sydney.

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  1. They're such mean-spirited petty little partisans, aren't they?