Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And who said there wasn't money in Christian publications... just ask Rupert Murdoch!

Thanks to Eruptions at the Foot of the Volcano, it has been revealed that Rupert Murdoch (of phone hacking journalism fame) is a leading publisher of evangelical Christian resources.

As Frank Schaeffer explains...Murdoch is a man who runs the companies that gave Glenn Beck a megaphone and bought into and now owns a huge chunk of American religion and is suckling from the profitable God-teat along with the likes of Rick Warren and Rob Bell et al.
Murdoch bought the venerable evangelical
Zondervan publishing house. Murdoch also bought the all purpose all-religion-is-great-if-it-sells-something “religion” site “Beliefnet” and "Inspirio" - religious “gift production,” specialists making tawdry religion-junk of the one-more-pair-of-praying-hands made of pressed muck kind.
And Murdoch publishes Rob Bell and other so-called progressives evangelical “stars” as well as run of the mill evangelical right winger’s books though
Harper One, the "religious" division of Harper Collins, another Murdoch company.
Frank throws down the gauntlet and says...So here’s my question to Rob Bell of the God-loves-everybody school of touchy-feely theology and/or to the right wing "family values" crowd who worry about gay marriage between responsible loving adults while they perform financial fellatio on the mightiest and most depraved/pagan media baron to ever walk the earth: What serious, let alone decent religiously conscious person – left or right, conservative or liberal -- would knowingly work to enrich this dreadful man who will go down in history as the epitome of everything that all religion says its against: lies, greed, criminality, and sheer disgusting exploitation of the defenseless that would shame a sewer rat?
Hey bro... Matthias Media might be able to expand if some of these guys stop publishing with Murdoch! Yesterday the destruction of Anglicanism and tomorrow the world!
Yeah but how are we going to accomodate Rob Bell?

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