Thursday, July 21, 2011

Archie Poulos asks Sydney Anglicans to reflect on their personal role in media scandals!

Archie states...Before we explore the ugly activity of juicy story seeking journalists we must ask what we have contributed to the problem. Many will probably fairly say that they are not interested in this sort journalism, but we must all take some responsibility for not having stood up ... So we must be careful to remember that we should not cast stones unless we are blameless...But those who actually engaged in despicable acts should be singled out for special blame, just as the Pharisees were for leading the people astray (Luke 11 again)... This whole process is accelerated by being able to justify your actions.

Of course not one Sydney Anglican spoke against Glenn Davies Synod motion to boycott the Lambeth Conference, when the Sydney leadership wanted to protest the appointment of that gay bishop... and I loved the huge Synod photos of me and Akinola... real totalarian stuff!

And will Sydney Anglicans continue to support the persecution of gays and lesbians within the Anglican church and the world community?

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