Sunday, July 31, 2011

Is the concept of 'Evangelicals without Blowhards' the same as 'Anglicans without GAFCONITES'?

Sydney Anglicans featured an article published in the opinion section of the New York Times about the type of evangelism that polarises society. Nicholas Kristof was criticising judgemental evangelical extremists whilst trying to pay tribute to Christians who perform great service throughout the world, alongside humanitarians. He says that because of self righteous extremists...the entire evangelical movement often has been pilloried among progressives as reactionary, myopic, anti-intellectual and, if anything, immoral. He argues that this kind of thinking is reverse bigotry or intolerance,when many evangelicals have actually become increasingly engaged in issues of global poverty and justice.
I’m not particularly religious myself, but I stand in awe of those I’ve seen risking their lives in this way — and it sickens me to see that faith mocked at New York cocktail parties.
Why does all this matter? Because religious people and secular people alike do fantastic work on humanitarian issues — but they often don’t work together because of mutual suspicions. If we could bridge this “God gulf,” we would make far more progress on the world’s ills.
And that would be, well, a godsend.

Perhaps when moderate Christians stand up together and denounce Christian extremism for what it is...BIGOTRY, and seek to rid the church of it's practices of inequality and unethical practices of hypocrisy, materialism and elitism, then maybe Christianity may regain its self respect.

Hey Bert, let's drink to the submission of women, and the sexual conversion of gays here and abroard, and may our Godly discrimination promote widespread community hatred of anyone who doesn't believe or behave as we do.

I'll drink to that Alf... but if there's an increase in gay bashings or suicides, or women being physically or emotionally abused by their male partners, then it's those cultural Christians, who are to blame! It's all baloney...that bit that evangelicals like us contribute to an increase in prejudice related violence!

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