Friday, July 29, 2011

Ouch! Mark Thompson, the President of The Anglican Church League retaliates as Muriel Porter attacks the Sydney Diocese...and Peter Jensen!

Mark Thompson feels that... Muriel Porter believes the Sydney Diocese experiment is faltering. The financial crisis and the absence of a recognised successor to Peter Jensen provide, from her perspective, a sliver of hope that Sydney will abandon its radicalism and join the rest of the Anglican Communion in a bright new future. However Mark says emphatically ... Evangelicals in Sydney and elsewhere hope for something quite different.

Keep Sydney Anglicans excluded because their counter intuitive rationalisation is maddening. I mean black is really white; up is really down; $160 million dollar loss, and counting, is really a measure of success! From a Sydney Anglican's perspective, Peter Jensen will go down in history for his successful economic management! And then you've got Sydney Anglican paranoia, where anything vocalised that is not written in the Bible is actually satan telling lies. Please... put a fence around them and keep them away from the rest of the Anglican Church and secular society because they are stark raving mad !


  1. It is time for Muriel Porter to be canonised as the second Saint in Australia. Her words of Gospel Truth show how far the mad Jensenites have strayed from the teachings of Jesus. Her book should be required reading for all bonkers students at Moore College.