Sunday, July 3, 2011

Has one Sydney Anglican actually seen the light...eventhough it is only refracted?

Bryan Cowling, the executive director within the peak body of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney
(and a man who spent many years working for the NSW Department of Education) fears that the National School Chaplainancy Program could be a tad shonky, and could lead to the end of religious instruction in public schools! He says chaplains stepping outside the government guidelines leaves it wide open for people to say 'let's get rid of religion' out of schools altogether! Dr Cowling said there had been documented instances across the country where the chaplaincy role had been misused. After voicing his main concern, he adds...The lack of any minimum welfare qualifications demanded by the federal program was also a concern... In this particular area, we're pretty much saying, 'This is a pretty serious issue you're dealing with but you don't need to have any particular credentials'. Dr Cowling's comments reiterated the commission's opposition to the program when it was announced in 2006.

Let's get Kel Richards to commit 28 minutes of Chat Room time to the ethics and health issues that surround post-gay therapy? Issues such as...
Why does LCMI need a disclaimer when publising post-gay cures on its website? It is well known that LCMI is run by Sydney Anglicans, and Sydney Anglican policy is to expel those seen as sexually immoral from their churches... ie adulterers and homosexuals; so why run a disclaimer when it is preached that homosexuality is just part of the 'human fall from grace', that can be cured by turning to Jesus?
Haydn Sennit seems to sum it up when he says... My same-sex attractions have not completely gone away, and they may not before the Lord Jesus returns in judgement, or before I die

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