Monday, July 25, 2011

Chris Sugden redefines human rights... and simultaneously ends poverty!

Chris Sugden of Anglican Mainstream fame finally declares poverty to be a human rights issue! He clarifies God's disearnment of sin, by declaring that starving to death is a human rights issue, but a woman using prostitution, as a means of feeding herself or her family, is no longer a human rights issue but a gospel issue! This is because Jesus told Chris Sugden, that the disadvantaged had to starve to death, and Pharisees like him must judge those who 'make ends meet' through prostitution. Chris Sugden, bigot turned human rights activist, declares that diseases like leprosy, malaria and sickle cell anemia, should be given priority by African health officials because HIV/AIDS is too political for the church!

I think Chris' strategy in ending poverty is spot on... cull the population by hanging gays, stop prostitution so the disadvantaged starve to death, and let those infected with AIDS go untreated and die!

Some people are just plain evil!

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