Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shock! Horror! Sydney Anglicans post as breaking news... God is no longer a man!

Journalists at Sydney Anglican Network posted as breaking news, a story about God's sex change and his inability to be a father! The left-leaning United Church of Christ now wants to be even more politically correct... by replacing “Heavenly Father” with the gender neutral term, “triune God. Conservative David Runnion-Bareford, executive director of Biblical Witness Fellowship, an evangelical renewal movement within the denomination, told the Journal...Rejecting God as Father in an age of fatherlessness is unthinkable !
David Runnion-Bareford gives a whole new meaning to the term Big Daddy!

Geez Dave, where are those role models from the "Council of Manhood and Womanhood"... because ever since God lost his penis we all look the same!

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