Friday, July 15, 2011

Richard Coekin mobilises his Christian army to save England from gays and women bishops!

Everyone knows I suffered persecution because I mixed with the wrong kind and stuck up for the oppressed! Now Richard and his orthodox mates want to own me and use me to keep the marginalised in their place!
Richard Coekin said England needs to be re-evangelised with the spectacular saving grace and transforming hope of the gospel of Christ crucified, risen and returning in glory. Coekin goes onto say... The Church of England has been sadly moving along a theologically liberal trajectory in it's growing tolerance of homosexual practice in the churches and the failure adequately to provide for those unable to accept the oversight of women bishops.

I'm with you Richard... the Church of England should be a place where bigots feel welcome and comfortable, and everyone else is excluded! Don't forget your allies in Oz are with you!

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