Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Will Rowan Williams finally get off the fence and lead... or continue to be held to ransom by a group of bigots!

Rowan Williams has issued a statement expressing concerns about the purpose of 'Anglican Mission in England' (AMiE). It's initial purpose is to do what Sydney Anglican's call building structures within the existing structure, with the full intention of derailing it and then attempting to hi-jack the church. John Sandeman explains it brilliantly when he says... Martyn (Minns) runs a very large evangelical Episcopalian church in the Virginian suburbs of Washington. He’s been appointed a missionary bishop. By Nigeria. The Nigerians – and a couple of other Third World Anglican churches – have started to plant local churches across the US. Now that’s more exciting than a tea party.
In a nutshell...AMiE dress up their intent... but basically it's about a bunch of bigots emotionally blackmailing the Archbishop of Canterbury; the purpose being to maintain and extend their sexist and homophobic ideology. If AMiE don't get their own way they will pledge alligence (which they already have) to the Archbishop of Kenya, with the intention of planting evangelicals throughout England! Sounds like a political agenda which will no doubt end up in court!

I think the ever diplomatic Archbishop Williams is in need of some divine courage and support.

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  1. I think Dr. Williams ought forget about being so smart and pretend he´s just a regular, common sense Joe/Jose! What a mess this man has made when left on his own to rattle about Lambeth Palace.

    Leonardo Ricardo