Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Matt Kennedy at Standfirm says about the Soverign Grace Ministry debarkle over pride ..."Honestly don't these people have REAL sin to confront?"

Matt Kennedy is critical of the pastors who think CJ Mahaney is acting too proud. Reports indicate that C J Mahaney has taken leave to do some soul searching. Matt goes onto state... they rate him on his pride, and they schedule meetings to talk about his pride, and CJ repents of 9 of 11 species of pride that they have identified, and they go back to the drawing board to identify examples of the other two species of pride, they email each other to ask if others have seen that pride, and then CJ thinks those fit under the first species of pride, and they chart the pride, and so on. Blah. Wouldn’t it be nice if occasionally love covered a multitude of sins.

Sounds like C J is being subject to
reparatory therapy! Pity Matt's love couldn't be extended to include another species of pride called gay pride!

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