Monday, July 4, 2011

Anglican Mainstream says "You're dead if you don't support same-sex marriage!

Anglican Mainstream posted that a citizen coalition led by 'Protect Marriage Washington' asked a federal court to prevent Washington Secretary of State from publishing the names and addresses of approximately 138,000 names of citizens. These were citizens who signed a Washington petition in 2009, to repeal a law that gave same-sex partners all the legal rights of married couples. 'Protect MarriageWashington' are concerned for their safety because together with its briefing to the court, 'Protect Marriage Washington' presented hundreds of pages of documented examples of threats and reprisals directed at supporters of traditional marriage, not only in Washington but across the country. James Bopp, Jr., lead counsel for 'Protect Marriage Washington' says...The First Amendment was designed to ensure that all groups, whatever their persuasion, could participate fully in our Republic. That breaks down when some groups or individuals are cowed into silence for fear that they or their families will be targeted or threatened if they speak up

Sounds like McCarthyism or the Ku Klux Klan ?

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