Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Raven gets leverage on Fulcrum as he spreads the orthodox word of God!

Charles Raven of SPREAD proves that orthodox evangelicals are raving mad when they attach other evangelicals.
Raven is quoted as saying... Fulcrum is open towards just about anyone except those fellow evangelicals who are aligned with Anglican Mainstream, the GAFCON movement and of course the newly formed Anglican Mission in England (AMiE). Raven goes onto rave about how those at Fulcrum have a commitment to remain together with others in the Church of England despite their differences and work through the issues upon which they disagree. Raving further, Raven raves on ... but for a brief moment 'sees the light' Neuhaus law, he says is Where orthodoxy is optional and is tolerated as an option rather than being normative; where the orthodox are accepted only as long as they behave, as if their convictions were matters of personal preference and interpretation. If they do not keep this rule, they will be ejected. However, Raven finally loses the plot and goes stark ravin' mad, when he defends his orthodox mates at AMiE by saying...The AMiE may have small beginnings, but it does have a future because it is the manifestation of an orthodoxy which is emphatically not optional and has an objective basis and clarity in the Jerusalem Declaration. It restores the freedom of the gospel as that which we have been given to proclaim. The optional orthodoxy tolerated by Canterbury always has to take care to behave itself and respect the rules of liberal hegemony, but the biblical orthodoxy articulated afresh in Jerusalem is gloriously liberating. It will not be intimidated by superficial accusations of ‘separatism’, but will rejoice that the work of global witness is being set free from the West’s besetting sins of institutionalism, compromise and unbelief so that the gospel can be proclaimed as what it really is, the word of God and not the word of men.

Neuhaus law sounds a whole lot better than Raven's declaration of war! Live and let live seems a lot better than discrimination! Just as well Jesus is really the fulcrum!

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