Friday, July 22, 2011

Anglican Mainstream's perverse strategies exposed!

Has someone told Lisa Nolland about Romulus?

A website called Changing Attitudes has exposed the perversity of those at Anglican Mainstream. Priest and psychotherapist, Colin Howard explores the minds of the depraved at Anglican Mainstream, discussing what lies behind their sexual voyeurism. He says... Anglican Mainstream is obsessed by gay men and sex, so lesbians don’t get much of a look in. However, polyamourists and paedophiles and those who practice bestiality get coverage, which only reveals the obsessions which fascinate Anglican Mainstream’s authors, the men and the women - and we all know what it means when a person becomes so obsessed in this way. He goes onto say... Anglican Mainstream preys on Primates and bishops, feeding them their poisonous agenda which as we have seen, leads in Africa to intense prejudice and homophobia, and in Uganda and still in the UK, to the murder of gay people.

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