Friday, July 1, 2011

Standfirm reports that Southern Baptist Albert Mohler and all other evangelical zealots really love homosexuals!

As reported by Standfirm, Southern Baptist Albert Mohler has realised that evangelicals are seen as bigots in the public arena. His tactic to overcome such poor public opinion is to repackage the prejudice. His newest attempt is the counter-intuitive approach used by most evangelicals to camoflague intent. Albert says...Our greatest fear is not that homosexuality will be normalized and accepted, but that homosexuals will not come to know of their own need for Christ and the forgiveness of their sins.

Surely Albert reads Anglican Mainstream... but I suppose if you camoflague the bigotry then you don't have to take responsibility for influencing thinking that leads to this!

And talk about packaging... Have you seen the new attempt to bring Sydney Anglicans into the 21st century? Same product...just repackaged!

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