Friday, July 8, 2011

Religious fundamentalist Phillip Jensen believes in moderacy when discussing climate change... because extremists views give science a bad name!

Phillip Jensen believes in middle ground when it comes to the climate change debate as outlined in his article... However, when groups with particular vested political interests use science to promote their view, it is science itself that comes under attack. When ‘evolution’ and ‘intelligent design’ are weapons in the hands of atheists and theists, it is very hard to weigh accurately the evidence. When catastrophists and sceptics discuss global warming, the truth is lost in politics and sadly for us, science itself gets a bad name. Phillip Jensen goes onto say...Certainly the consensus of scientists around the world should not be lightly discounted but the evidence of one scientist (or even a non-scientist) is as important as the collective understanding of the many.
Sydney Anglican management are so moderate in their attitude to science, that the Intelligent Design curriculum is taught in their schools at the discretion of the school principal!

Of course Phillip Jensen isn't moderate when it come to religion because he knows God's mind. That's why he persuaded Sydney Anglicans to turn their backs on the Archbishop of Canterbury. And Phillip's an expert on women in the field of subservience of women within the church, motherhood and keeping clergy wives subsmissive! His expert knowledge extends to homosexuals and the why shouldn't he be an arrogant extremist who has no respect for other learned colleagues with differing viewpoints?

Then why do Sydney Anglicans believe in literal Biblical interpretation but see the early parts of Genisis as figurative?

Now didn't really think all that Jesus stuff was about love, did you?

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