Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sydney Anglican Steve Kryger is an advocate of entrapping innocents to the world of Jensenism!

Steve Kryger advocates a social approach to the recruitment to Jensenism. Could it be that if people really understood the underlying purpose, then people may have second thoughts? Steve says entice the niave with a statement like ... We meet on Friday nights during school term at the church - term 2 kicks off on Friday 2 May. During our meetings we get to know each other and build friendships through fun activities, sharing food together and tackling the big questions of life by exploring the message of the Bible. This term we’ll be looking at what it means to be part of community.

Could the real message (although honest) be less seductive... Youth Group aims to raise steadfast disciples of Jesus who are equipped to correctly handle the word of God and reach out to their peers with God’s life transforming message of grace. We want to see young people built up to raise other disciples who can make other disciples. We want to see young people raised up with a passion to reach the lost and a focus that reaches across the world.

Are things like seduction, brainwashing and marketing part of Christianity?

No, they're more a byproduct of Jensenism! This group would be registered as a bigot magnet, if it advertised ... personal salvation comes at the cost of female equality and LGBT inclusion.

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