Monday, July 4, 2011

Is Anglican Mainstream in bed with right wing Republicans? Could the Republican Party suffer the same fate as the Anglican Church and split?

Anglican Mainstream took great delight in publishing a post from US conservatives protesting same-sex marriage. The underlying conflict is a result of the Republicans having their first gay candidate, Fred Karger. It seems that not many Republicans like homosexuals and a lawyer by the name of Bopp is representing those who oppose same-sex marriage. Bopp explains...“I understand that law is art...Picasso, Van Gogh, Michelangelo — they are all very different, but all create masterpieces.” Mr. Bopp also makes no apologies for his partisanship. A veteran member of the Republican National Committee, he is the leader of a movement to deny party support to any candidate who fails to affirm at least 8 of 10 principles, including opposition to “government-run health care,” “amnesty” for illegal immigrants and “Obama’s socialist agenda.”

Geez... and Anglican Mainstream worry about two people of the same sex hopping into bed together... I think there are bigger concerns for the people in the UK! I mean what hope has the church got when clergy are aligning themselves with extreme right wing US politics? It's a bit like fighting the Russians, by empowering the Taliban in Afganistan! I hope Phillip Jensen and his family think twice before creating a climate like that in Sydney... because next, they'll want the Prime Minister to come from the Shooter's Party...Oh that's right, a lot of National Country Party candidates hold gun licences! NO I'M NOT AN EVANGELICAL and the next person who says that I am, will get sued!

Sued! Did you say sued? Now you do sound like an evangelical who believes in freedom of speech... as long as it's your own!

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