Monday, July 25, 2011

What does Breivik and those at Anglican Mainstream have in common... a fascination for the ideology of Geert Wilders and The Freedom Party!

Breivik,the Norweigan who is being labelled a Christian fundamentalist found Geert Wilders and The Freedom Party's ideology attractive. His online video game buddy says...When he heard I had voted for the PVV (The Freedom Party) and so Geert Wilders, he sent me a link on line. I only opened it during the weekend and looked at it properly.I was shocked. It contained a lot of pages filled with propaganda, including videos and photographs. He wrote in the document: I just wonder whether the Dutch are already a broken nation, mentally speaking. Their political elites have chosen formal surrender and will enforce sharia and ban everyone disagreeing with this as ‘extremists’. Native Dutchmen will either have to fight back, or leave their country behind and watch it die from a distance ...
Anglican Mainstream featured an article on Geert Wilders ideology which states... All around the Western world freedom is under threat. It is often at the hand of radical minority groups that these threats are coming. Militant Muslims, radical feminists, or activist homosexuals are some of the groups whittling away our freedoms. Sadly very few Westerners are standing up to these assaults.Increasingly what once made the West great is being undermined. Faith, family and life are three such values all subject to ferocious attack. The trouble is many do not see the urgency of the hour, or the need to take a stand. Many do not know that we are heading towards the precipice as a culture...We have far too few watchmen, and those we do have are mainly ignored or scoffed at. We all pay the price in the end for such indifference and neglect. One watchman who has been speaking out loud and clear – and paying a price for it – is Dutch politician Geert Wilders. As many of you would know, he has been on trial in the Netherlands for warning about the Islamist assault on Holland and Europe. For speaking out he now has to pay the price.

Dorothy, a fanatic is someone who can't change their mind and won't change the subject, we all know those at Anglican Mainstream harbour a compulsion for a few topics!

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  1. Contributors at STAND FIRM - Dobby Ould's favourite site - are worried in case the Norwegian maniac is "right-wing" like themselves. Promoting hate-filled fundamentalism can have unfortunate consequences. Although the right-wingers at Dobby's site support Breivik's loving message, they amazingly disagree with his murderous methods.