Thursday, July 7, 2011

Goodness gracious...The Greens are really upsetting some religious institutions in Australia!

Sydney Anglicans released this article written by Gary Johns on their website under the heading 'breaking news'. Gary Johns is associate professor at the Australian Catholic University and he seems to be nearly as paranoid in his thinking as Phillip Jensen. Gary Johns says... Each and every homosexual man or woman understands the family is the best known means for heterosexual couples to procreate and raise children. Without it, there is no humanity. The family as a human institution is under enormous pressure in the face of the great and positive forces of women's equality, but its purloining by homosexual couples in the name of equality is a step too far. The Greens will choose niche equality over family every time.

So Gary Johns is saying that same-sex marriages will end any further heterosexual unions, and thus cause the end of all human procreation?
Sounds like a science fiction movie!

Haven't you read Anglican Mainstream's post on sterile sex!

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