Saturday, July 2, 2011

Regular visitor to Anglican Mainstream and Sydney Anglicans, Baptist John Piper claims the normalisation of homosexuality is a calamity for...

God ...because Piper says God created the institution of marriage!

Piper says...[Homosexuality] has been here since we were all broken in the fall of man," and he explains "What’s new is not even the celebration of homosexual sin. Homosexual behaviour has been exploited, and revelled in, and celebrated in art, for millennia.
"What’s new,"
he underscored, "is normalisation and institutionalisation. This is the new calamity."
He goes on to explain that his anti same-sex stance is not political but made because of his love for God and compassion for the city of destruction.

You end up in a straight jacket reading the stuff these right wing evangelicals preach! How come God didn't respect the instition of marriage when he impregnated Mary?

Sydney will be in need of more straight jackets...what with Piper and Phillip Jensen in the city together! Won't there be a lot of self hate propaganda, in an attempt to get you to hand over your identity to evangelical right wing ideology. Ideology based on self centredness and personal salvation. Then when you hand over your ability to think freely, then and only then, are you accepted and institutionalised!

Then you spend the rest of your life beating yourself and everyone else up, because of imperfections! A great recipe for depression, anxiety and self harm!

And I suppose to liberate!

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